What to look for in Coffee Tea making products

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Coffee Essentials & Tea Essentials:

I’ve got kind of a cute little coffee-Tea corner in my kitchen. I’ve got a toaster, some K-cups, and a cute little sign that says “But first, coffee.” The sign is actually pretty spot-on in my world. While my husband gets ready for the day and drinks half a cup of orange juice first thing every morning, I make a bee-line to the coffee. First thing! In fact, this morning, my husband was up and out of the house before I woke up, but do you know what he did for me? He poured me a cup of coffee in my favorite mug (pictured) and left me notes that led from the bedroom to the coffee table where my cup of coffee was waiting for me. What a guy!

Tea Essential

My Dream Kitchen:

Now, about that cute little coffee corner in my kitchen. There’s one thing wrong with it. I have two coffee makers taking up a lot of counter space. That’s right, I said two! One is a coffee maker that makes a full pot of coffee. My husband loves it because it doesn’t have a carafe, but rather you push the button with your mug and the coffee pours directly into the mug. The other coffee maker is a Keurig. I love that coffee maker because I can get a fresh, hot cup of coffee any time I want.

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Two coffee makers taking up precious counter space. Can you guess what I will buy when one of these coffee makers bites the dust? I’ll give you a hint – we feature it on Kitchen de Calidad (see The Top 10 Best Dual Coffee Makers of 2022) and you can also check our reviews on best coffee makers under $100!

What I look for in a coffee maker is quality. I don’t want a coffee maker that will break easily. Another big thing for me is descaling. I ignore my coffee maker for as long as I can before I have to descale it. So, when I look for a coffee maker, it’s got to make the descaling process as easy as possible. Brewing time is important to me. When I want a cup of coffee, I want it NOW! I look for a quick brewing time when I purchase a coffee maker. And finally, I look for a coffee maker that is easy to use. I do not want to waste precious time in the morning trying to figure out my coffee maker. I just want to drink coffee!


I don’t know about your house but when I have guests over – we gravitate to the kitchen and sip a cup of coffee together. Coffee is a mainstay of visiting and building relationships. So, enjoy that cup of coffee. Nos vemos en la cocina. See you in the kitchen!

Julia Benson

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