Dream Kitchen Ideas

Dual Coffee Makers
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Building A Dream Kitchen!

dream kitchen ideas Building Dream Kitchen Ideas is, well, a dream of mine. As I’ve written different pieces for this website, I have been cooing over cast iron cookware and admiring dual coffee makers. I’ve been envisioning myself using contemporary ceramic cookware, and most of all, I’ve been dreaming about baking bread in Dutch ovens. All along this journey, I’ve been sharing with my husband all of these great products that I would love to buy for my own kitchen. I’ve been telling him about the food I want to cook. We’re not much for entertaining, but we do love having friends and family over for small get-togethers – and of course, those take place in the kitchen. Some of the cookware featured on this site are pieces in my own cupboard. I have a Lodge cast iron skillet that I love. When I want to make a one-dish supper, it is my go-to pan. I cook and bake it. For example, when I make homemade pizza, I brown the ground beef in the Lodge cast iron skillet, and then I remove the ground beef and put it in the pizza dough. I bake the pizza dough for about 15 minutes, add the pizza ingredients, then continue baking until the pizza is done. dream kitchen ideasAnother piece featured on Kitchen de Calidad is my Red Copper ceramic skillet. I love that thing. I cook breakfast in it every morning. In fact, what I love most about this skillet is what I cook in it – Salad eggs. You see, I’ve been working at losing weight for the last year and a half (it’s going really, really, slow!) And I’ve discovered that if I can fill up on fiber and protein for breakfast, I don’t get as hungry the rest of the day. So I’ve been spraying my Red copper skillet with a little bit of cooking oil, I cook down one or two cups of lettuce salad with vegetables, then I add eggs with a little garlic salt. It’s delicious. And, I’ve lost almost 60 pounds. Writing for Kitchen de Calidad has awakened a renewed zeal and love for cooking and making my kitchen a place where family and friends gather and make memories. Nos vemos en la cocina. See you in the dream kitchen! Julia Benson

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